Thursday, April 17, 2008

Meet Us,Greet Us, Maybe Eat US

Inbred Hybrid Collective
Marc: Alias "aperitif de la mort"
Peter: Alias "Warmer Leberkaese"
Jack: Alias "Johannes Wasser"
Invite You to

Eine Bisschen Essen, Trinken (vielleicht eine bisschen sprechen)
Sie konnen unser Schlupfwinkel sehen hier

Meet Us,Greet Us,(Maybe Eat US)

Freitag 18.4.08
18:00 - 22:00
@Berlin.Temps: Sredzkistr. 52 Mitte (M2 - Marienburger Strasse)


tel. (49) 175 384 4085 (jack)
tel. (49) 163 463 1864 (peter)"

Barely BACK BACK BACK in the GDR!

"One Way Empire" - PMC 2007. These are to be posted around town on signposts, walls, etc...Have also been tagging with the Yoko Ono stamp "Imagine Peace".

Sunday April 13 at Ausland  with performances by our host Sergio Zevallos & Masha Korotyaeva. Coincidently Ausland is holding a benefit for friend Andrew D'Angelo on April 30th. Andrew is fighting a brain tumor. There are fundraisers across the globe and in your neighbourhood - Go to his site, see schedule and THEN attend.

Monday visited Wooloo crew to say hello. Then I visited painter Tra Bouscaren who emailed regarding our PLOT zine and curious to see a Berlin studio. Very interesting combination of wall sculpture painting. Dinner at Mark Arthur's haus im Friedrichshain on north side of river Spree across from Kreuzberg. 
Tuesday the process of preparing our stay begins and aquainting ourselves with our comfy neighbourhood Prenzlauer Berg. Our street intersects with KollwitzStrasse presumably named after Kathe Kollwitz, German Expressionist Printmaker and Sculptor, 1867-1945. There are lots of cafes, yoga & alternative healing centers here and a very good late night Turkish food shop! 
Wednesday interview with Harriet Wolff who is writing about videographer Joseph Herry that documented our early POOL performances at the Pyramid Club circa 1981. Attend ongoing Wednesday screenings at Basso Berlin  to see "Nostra Signora dei Turchi" by Carmelo Bene ,Italy 1968. A marathon of singular performance by filmmaker as the man in search of the Madonna. Unorthodox, schizophrenic, humorous and maddening in the best of film & theater avant garde. 
Today we continue to prepare for Friday's open house. 
Have no idea what to expect or who but I think we'll make waffles!!
Various other UNDETECTABLE blogs & links are now up. Feel free to share them... &

Friday, April 11, 2008


We meet Hans Christian Dany at Pudel next to Park Fiction  where we meet Margit Czenki whom with her freund Christoph Schäfer are a part of Park Fiction - a sliver of concrete, grass and faux palm trees among the ongoing transformation of the Hamburg waterfront. Also saw the Mayor's favorite gay bay "Wunderbar" but alas, too filled with delicious wine, food and company to  venture forth into. ;(
The next few days we travel to the Baltic Sea and countryside and meet publishing colleagues of Barbara where we are served wild boar caught, killed and butchered by our host friend. OK?!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Day 4

LunchMmmmmeat so cute and cuddly!
Hamburg bound by bus as trains have become very expensive. The double decker bus is tightly spaced, low ceilinged and not overly crowded but they charge you 1 euro to check your bag...
We are here to visit friends Barbara & Torsten, who are affording us four star accommodations, meals and discussion at their home in Altona District. Barbara and friend Sabine are responsible for inviting us to present the exhibition 10 Years / 7 Days:ABC NO RIO at the Kunstlerhaus in 1990 and Sei Dabei- September News in 1994. In parallel situation re: gentrification, Kunstlerhaus was bought out under the artists and relocated to Arnoldstrasse as FRISE .Regrettably the vicious cycle is at their door again so check out their website to see how you can support them.
Arrived in time to their two day open house, meet a few familiar faces and see an assortment of studios and public spaces available to artists. Thursday we will do an informal presentation about our projects including Le Petit Versailles garden and Pestilence:UNDETECTABLE; the reason we are in Germany.

Day 3

Our first day looking at KW Institute for Contemporary Art, the main site of the BB5 Berlin Bienalle #5 and former site of a margarine factory located in the center of town north of Museum Island. 4 floors and basement of installations including sculpture. photography and video with barely a painting in site.
A highlight is people one is NOT familiar. From the asphalt covered room of Ahmet Öğüt, the framing devices, slides projections & audio of Tris Vonna-Michell inspired by a fictional Detroit as seen in RoboCop to the street scene video of Zhao Liang; night & day underbelly violence both of residents and landscape of Beijing as it prepares for the Olympics.
The general feeling is one of being stripped away, grounded in a sober moment of reconstruction and redevelopment of urban culture without clamor of glitz and glamour that is hyping the Neu Berlin.
Afterwards we have the pleasure of dinner with our colleague Elke aus dem Moore formerly of the Shedhalle in Zurich where we had been invited back in 2000/01. Due to the drizzle of rain and lack of umbrellas we skipped "Crazy Horse" the outdoor screening and live concert by Cyprien Gaillard and Koudlam about the building of what may become the largest sculpture in the world dedicated to the Lakota chief Crazy Horse located in the Black Hills of South Dakota that is wrecking havoc on the environment.
Thinking again of the Skulpturenpark installation by Kateřina Šedá, a circle of walls & fences that invites at ones own risk; I chanced the opportunity and orated for an amused crowd of artgoers less agile to follow and climb over and view on an inner hightop table the text situated lamenting the building of walls that cannot be seen through and how the hope inspired by the removal of the Berlin Wall has only been transfered to constructing more secure walls around oneself.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


The Berlin Bienalle #5 byline is Day & Night (Mes nuits sont plus belles que vos jours). Here is Night Look!
Morning press conference for Shanghai Bienalle 2008 whose theme is translated from the Chinese as Translocalmotion. A media wall of silence from Shanghai Art Museum Deputy Director about how recent events in tibet will influence artists and possibility of censure,the bankers no-disclosure of monies donated; seven figures was as close as we got,and no answer at all on total budget. Seemed a bit closed lipped and with an even smaller number of artists some of which will be commissions on the former site of the English race & polo grounds, one might add, a stiff upper lip.
Organizing Team include the Head of culture and information development at Goethe Institut, Munich, and curators - Dean of Utrecht Graduate School of Visual arts & Design,Holland & Artistic Director of K21 kunstsammulung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Dusseldorf. and Shanghai Art Museum Deputy Director.

Afternoon tour of SculpturenPark Berlin Zentrum. One of the few wide open fields left in the city centrum on former site of where the Berlin Wall stood. If there is a reason for the art being there it is to draw attention to the location and appreciate its openness as it is surrounded by new chrome steel low rise apartment buildings and will surely become a construction site in no time flat sharing the same fate as Rosa Rose a local community garden.

Night found us at Neue NationalGallerie slipping past the guards since the Bienalle is divided into various haves/have nots and one simply must have the right invite.. Wearing my black jacket with SECURITY blazoned across the back seems to have the right effect as i whiz past them altho no one notices the "NO"in pale blue chalk above the white letters.
Later the same strategy gained us entry into the VIP Party that was amass of smoke since the new laws banning smoking in bars ,etc. must be dealt with somehow...

Thursday, April 3, 2008


berlin april 3, 2008

Bienalles- Let the be end all of banal less begin...
One hopes or if not, revel in the level it subsides in.
Smoke still in narrow hallway crush, nose to nose beer & bar scene.
Unseen but not unnoticed in this singular look of Till Eugenspiel.
Jet lag is hell!

Temporarily arrive @ Berlin Temps where we will be in residence from April 14th - 30, Sredzkistrasse 52. phone # 4454101 - please tell your Berlin friends to email us if they want to be invited to the goings on>
we are planning salons, interventions and myriad jack n' peter activities joined by corroborator marc arthur and local artists & activists.

our first intro to the transformation of Berlin was Brunnenstrasse where Thursdays multiple openings precede the "main" event. Apparently the street was one of the original veins in junkie culture, now looking "Mitte" spit polished with a certain nonchalance depending on which side or end of the street.
Arriving late the installations,paintings, sculpture and merchandise included plenty of vernissage loiter's green glass empties.