Thursday, April 3, 2008


berlin april 3, 2008

Bienalles- Let the be end all of banal less begin...
One hopes or if not, revel in the level it subsides in.
Smoke still in narrow hallway crush, nose to nose beer & bar scene.
Unseen but not unnoticed in this singular look of Till Eugenspiel.
Jet lag is hell!

Temporarily arrive @ Berlin Temps where we will be in residence from April 14th - 30, Sredzkistrasse 52. phone # 4454101 - please tell your Berlin friends to email us if they want to be invited to the goings on>
we are planning salons, interventions and myriad jack n' peter activities joined by corroborator marc arthur and local artists & activists.

our first intro to the transformation of Berlin was Brunnenstrasse where Thursdays multiple openings precede the "main" event. Apparently the street was one of the original veins in junkie culture, now looking "Mitte" spit polished with a certain nonchalance depending on which side or end of the street.
Arriving late the installations,paintings, sculpture and merchandise included plenty of vernissage loiter's green glass empties.

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