Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Day 4

LunchMmmmmeat so cute and cuddly!
Hamburg bound by bus as trains have become very expensive. The double decker bus is tightly spaced, low ceilinged and not overly crowded but they charge you 1 euro to check your bag...
We are here to visit friends Barbara & Torsten, who are affording us four star accommodations, meals and discussion at their home in Altona District. Barbara and friend Sabine are responsible for inviting us to present the exhibition 10 Years / 7 Days:ABC NO RIO at the Kunstlerhaus in 1990 and Sei Dabei- September News in 1994. In parallel situation re: gentrification, Kunstlerhaus was bought out under the artists and relocated to Arnoldstrasse as FRISE .Regrettably the vicious cycle is at their door again so check out their website to see how you can support them.
Arrived in time to their two day open house, meet a few familiar faces and see an assortment of studios and public spaces available to artists. Thursday we will do an informal presentation about our projects including Le Petit Versailles garden and Pestilence:UNDETECTABLE; the reason we are in Germany.

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