Thursday, April 17, 2008

Barely BACK BACK BACK in the GDR!

"One Way Empire" - PMC 2007. These are to be posted around town on signposts, walls, etc...Have also been tagging with the Yoko Ono stamp "Imagine Peace".

Sunday April 13 at Ausland  with performances by our host Sergio Zevallos & Masha Korotyaeva. Coincidently Ausland is holding a benefit for friend Andrew D'Angelo on April 30th. Andrew is fighting a brain tumor. There are fundraisers across the globe and in your neighbourhood - Go to his site, see schedule and THEN attend.

Monday visited Wooloo crew to say hello. Then I visited painter Tra Bouscaren who emailed regarding our PLOT zine and curious to see a Berlin studio. Very interesting combination of wall sculpture painting. Dinner at Mark Arthur's haus im Friedrichshain on north side of river Spree across from Kreuzberg. 
Tuesday the process of preparing our stay begins and aquainting ourselves with our comfy neighbourhood Prenzlauer Berg. Our street intersects with KollwitzStrasse presumably named after Kathe Kollwitz, German Expressionist Printmaker and Sculptor, 1867-1945. There are lots of cafes, yoga & alternative healing centers here and a very good late night Turkish food shop! 
Wednesday interview with Harriet Wolff who is writing about videographer Joseph Herry that documented our early POOL performances at the Pyramid Club circa 1981. Attend ongoing Wednesday screenings at Basso Berlin  to see "Nostra Signora dei Turchi" by Carmelo Bene ,Italy 1968. A marathon of singular performance by filmmaker as the man in search of the Madonna. Unorthodox, schizophrenic, humorous and maddening in the best of film & theater avant garde. 
Today we continue to prepare for Friday's open house. 
Have no idea what to expect or who but I think we'll make waffles!!
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